contractors for six weeks

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contractors for six weeks

Jul 2017 16 22:28

Post by BSMJohn » Sun, 16th Jul 2017, 10:28pm

Post by BSMJohn by BSMJohn Jul 2017 16 22:28

hi guys my BM has asked me to source a competent painter,carpenter and carpet fitter to come and quote us for works before we break up. I've checked the a-z and never saw much for what I needed so I'm coming to you good people for your recommendations in local birmingham area please. thanks in advance guys

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Re: contractors for six weeks

Jul 2017 16 23:58

Post by Drone » Sun, 16th Jul 2017, 11:58pm

Post by Drone by Drone Jul 2017 16 23:58

Blimey! You are cutting it a bit fine to be booking contractors for the summer holiday closure - if that is when they are supposed to do the work.

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Re: contractors for six weeks

Jul 2017 17 08:18

Post by JohnE875 » Mon, 17th Jul 2017, 8:18am

Post by JohnE875 by JohnE875 Jul 2017 17 08:18

You will be lucky to get anyone now. I have had mine set up since Easter.
I can recommend Midas Flooring 0121 333 5846.
I cannot help with the other trades as the ones I know are fully booked over the 6 weeks.
Google 24/7, I have used them in the past. Bit expensive but whoever you get now will be as it is last minute.
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Re: contractors for six weeks

Jul 2017 17 09:00

Post by Taz » Mon, 17th Jul 2017, 9:00am

Post by Taz by Taz Jul 2017 17 09:00

Yeah agree with the above, I've got carpet tiles which need going down in the main office once I've painted it. Had that booked in since Easter otherwise it just won't happen.

Unfortunately I think you'll just have to "suck it up" with regards to cost etc, that's if you can get anyone in.

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Re: contractors for six weeks

Jul 2017 17 09:06

Post by greenjack » Mon, 17th Jul 2017, 9:06am

Post by greenjack by greenjack Jul 2017 17 09:06

Go take yourself off for a long tea break then go tell your manager that they left it way too late and no one is available

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Re: contractors for six weeks

Jul 2017 17 09:16

Post by Dennis The menace » Mon, 17th Jul 2017, 9:16am

Post by Dennis The menace by Dennis The menace Jul 2017 17 09:16

Hate to think who you will get leaving it so late.
Our head wanted a small office taking down last year to give more space in a classroom.
Asked me to get quotes. Two days before we broke up. Did it happen. No..... Happened in October holiday's.
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