You have to try this

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You have to try this

Aug 2017 11 13:09

Post by Drone » Fri, 11th Aug 2017, 1:09pm

Post by Drone by Drone Aug 2017 11 13:09

I think this may help you whizz through your summer clean. Just had coffee, made black, but topped off with squirty cream & chocolate flakes. But this is the clever bit. Do not stir the swirling pyramid of cream into the coffee. Take a couple of plain chocolate Digestives & begin to scoop off the cream. Continue until you are into a dunking situation. Then scoff the remaining Digestive & stir the rest of the cream into the coffee. When you are able to move, I feel certain that you will approach your floor treatment with renewed vigor. [Like.png]

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Re: You have to try this

Aug 2017 11 22:12

Post by Danm6 » Fri, 11th Aug 2017, 10:12pm

Post by Danm6 by Danm6 Aug 2017 11 22:12

He he.

Thanks for that Drone, I will try that Monday morning as returning from a week off. I have an old wooden floor to Polish / varnish and if the weather is nice a wall to render with KRend.

I see you have had practice in the staffroom with your drink this holiday.

Dan [Happy.png]

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