Silver hoard unearthed

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Silver hoard unearthed

Sep 2017 13 11:44

Post by EBJ » Wed, 13th Sep 2017, 11:44am

Post by EBJ by EBJ Sep 2017 13 11:44

Read the story of a silver medievil hoard uncovered under a school playground by the caretaker who apparently had perission to metal detect the school, the hoard of 128 silver coins from the 15th to early 16th centuary are worth £11.000 and casified as treasure troth, the school was Warkworth Church of England at Warkworth, Northumberland.

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Re: Silver hoard unearthed

Sep 2017 13 15:01

Post by Drone » Wed, 13th Sep 2017, 3:01pm

Post by Drone by Drone Sep 2017 13 15:01

There is, apparently, a Saxon burial ground under my school playground.

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Re: Silver hoard unearthed

Sep 2017 13 15:24

Post by madleee » Wed, 13th Sep 2017, 3:24pm

Post by madleee by madleee Sep 2017 13 15:24

My School was built on farmland and a piggery, Im' NOT digging!
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Re: Silver hoard unearthed

Sep 2017 13 15:39

Post by UnderPaid » Wed, 13th Sep 2017, 3:39pm

Post by UnderPaid by UnderPaid Sep 2017 13 15:39

There are bits of a spitfire under our field from the ww2, Apparently the borders here at the time were told not to go anywhere near it, they all got bits of it and some are still in our archives.
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Re: Silver hoard unearthed

Sep 2017 14 08:43

Post by Keyolder » Thu, 14th Sep 2017, 8:43am

Post by Keyolder by Keyolder Sep 2017 14 08:43

I found a couple of 9 inch shell casings while digging up the flower beds in our Nursery.
Did a bit of research with the help of a war museum and found out there was an anti aircraft battery on a piece of land about 100 yards away, a block of flats stands there now.
Also found out this area was extensively bombed during WW2 hence the need for the AA battery, I donated the shell casings to the museum.

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