Here you will find some extra items for your enjoyment and information.

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The Caretakers' Website Members

See photos of some of the thousands of Caretakers' Website forum members.

Caretakers Message

Hear a message from Mr Grumpy, the original Caretakers' Website Caretaker.

Grid Game

Play a mind boggling simple game that you'll find you cannot put down. What is your highest score?.

Old Forum 2001

A capture from the very first Caretakers Forum back in 2001 thanks to the Internet Wayback Machine.

News Pictures

A slideshow of the many images that have been provided by our forum members for use with our news section.

Daily Fun Trivia Quiz

A fun daily quiz to pick your wits against other forum members.

DAB Radio In Hastings, East Sussex

A list of DAB and DAB+ Radio channels transmitted from the Hastings transmitter...

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