Here you will find some extra items for your enjoyment and information.

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Landscape HD

 LandscapeHD content isn't like programming you would see on a ''normal'' music television channel. It is a mix of some of the world''s best classical and instrumental music and carefully crafted films of natural and man made subject matter. The imagery is carefully edited to compliment the feel of the music and thus tells a simple story of the subject matter...

The Caretakers' Website Members

See photos of some of the thousands of Caretakers' Website forum members.

Caretakers Message

Hear a message from Mr Grumpy, the original Caretakers' Website Caretaker.

Weather Forecast

Current weather and 5 day forecast.

Grid Game

Play a mind boggling simple game that you'll find you cannot put down. What is your highest score?.

Old Forum 2001

A capture from the very first Caretakers Forum back in 2001 thanks to the Internet Wayback Machine.

News Pictures

A slideshow of the many images that have been provided by our forum members for use with our news section.

Scientific Converter

Converts almost anything to anything..

What do you want to convert?

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