1. Won't work

  • Switch off and unplug from the mains
  • Check fuse in plug
  • Check mains flex
  • Check main on/off switch
  • Check PCB

2. Motor reving hard

Bag needs emptying
Contaminated filter
Sign of a blockage in the hose or internal pipe work

  • Switch off and unplug from the mains
  • Check the bag and replace if 2/3 full or more
  • Check the air filter is not dirty. Replace if clogged with new filter
  • Visually look down the aluminium tube to see if you can see the blockage. Use a stick or broom handle to dislodge any blockage
  • Check the flexible hose. Unclip the hose and place over a broom handle to dislodge the blockage.
  • Remove bag and check for a blockage in the inlet pipe

3. Smell of burning rubber

Belt slipping or cracked

  • Switch off and unplug from the mains
  • Remove lower cover plate.
  • Remove roller/beater spindle bolts/screws and release/loosen the tension on the belt.
  • Remove the old belt.
  • Fit new belt and re-assemble.
  • Turn spindle slowly by hand to check for correct direction of operation before plugging vacuum to the mains.

4. Electrical burning smell and/or unusual noise from motor and vibration

Motor overheating or carbon brushes have worn out

  • Switch off and unplug from the mains
  • Replace vacuum cleaner for a new model.
  • It is rare these days to be able to purchase a cost effective replacement motor, but if you can, ensure a qualified electrician/service engineer fits it for you.
  • Only on some older models can you purchase new sprung carbon brushes. Follow the fitting instructions supplied or use a quilified electrician/service engineer to fit them for you if you do not feel confident.

5. Vacuum Cleaner head cannot be pushed easily

Sole plate damaged
Wheels jammed

  • Switch off and unplug from the mains
  • Unclip/screw sole plate
  • Replace sole plate or fit new head
  • Remove any debris such as hair or string from the rear vacuum cleaner wheels
  • Check for free movement of wheels. Do not be tempted to spray with oil as this encourages debris to attach itself to wheel spindle and can damage carpets.

6. Do's and Don'ts

  • Do not store your vacuum cleaner in damp areas such as cleaning cupboards. Condensation can attract dust in internal parts and reduce the efficiency of your vacuum.
  • Always change the paper bag when it is 2/3 full. This will reduce effort on the motor and it will last longer
  • Belts should be changed periodically as part of your routine maintenance
  • Keep brushes/beater bar spindles clear from debris periodically as part of your routine maintenance
  • Check the lead every time you use your vacuum. Use a dry cloth and run it alone the entire length of the cable. You will feel any splits or cracks even if you can see them.
  • Ensure the plug is PAT tested and has a current sticker on the mains plug

Simple regular maintenance will help you extract the maximum productivity from your appliance.

It is impossible to write a guide for every make and type of vacuum cleaner, but hopefully this guide will apply to most.

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