We are asked regularly if we can provide a Lockdown Policy by our forum members. Here is a simple Lockdown Policy that you should be able to amend for your school/building. Thanks to Pickled1 for supplying this document which can be downloaded HERE as a PDF.

Lock down policy

As part of our health and safety policies and procedures the school has a lock down policy (invacuation policy) so that it cannot be entered from the outside. This will ensure that all pupils, staff and visitors are safe in situations where there is a hazard within or near the school grounds.

A lock down is implemented when there are serious security risks for the premises due to, for example, proximity of a dangerous animal, a nearby chemical spill, serious weather conditions or attempted access by unauthorised person/s with intent to cause damage or harm.

Notification of lock down procedure

Staff will be notified that a lock down is to take place on hearing the whistle via continuous short bursts.
All staff should have a whistle at all times, this is to ensure that no matter where you are in the premises, you can always sound the alarm. The result should be a chain reaction of short burst whistles that can be heard all around the building.


  • Close all windows, lock doors where possible (shutters where there are shutters)
  • Lock up
  • Out of sight and minimise movement
  • Stay silent and avoid drawing attention.
  • Endure. Be aware you may be in lock down for some time.
  1. All staff can start and continue the invacuation signal of short, sharp blows on this whistle.
    This signal MUST NOT BE used at any other time i.e. breaks, dinner or P.E lessons
  2. The above signal will activate a process; children outside the building being ushered inside the school building as quickly as possible, children inside to relevant classrooms and the locking of the school’s classrooms offices, connecting doors and all outside doors/ shutters where it is possible to remain safe.
  3. At the given signal the children remain in the room they are in and the staff will ensure the windows and doors are closed/locked and screened where possible and children are positioned away from possible sightlines from external windows/doors. Lights, Smart boards and computer monitors to be turned off. Mobile phones are put on silent mode.
  4. Children or staff not in class for any reason will proceed to the nearest occupied classroom and remain with that class and class teacher e.g. children using toilets and break out areas when lockdown procedure is engaged.
  5. If practicable staff should notify the front pastoral/ reception by phone that they have entered lock down and identify those children not accounted for
  7. Staff to support children in keeping calm and quiet.
  8. Staff to remain in lock down positions until informed by key staff e.g. Senior Management Team, Site team Chair of Governors or Office Staff, in person of further instruction or that there is an all clear.
  9. As soon as possible after the lock down teachers return to their classrooms and conduct a register and notify the reception immediately of any pupils not accounted for.

Staff Roles:

  1. School Business Manager to ensure that her office is locked and police called if necessary.
  2. Staff nearest to lock the school’s front doors and entrances.
  3. Individual teachers/ TAs to lock/close classroom door(s) and windows (shutters if this applies to you). Nearest adult to check exit doors.

Communication with parents

If necessary parents will be notified as soon as it is practical to do so via the school’s established communication network - text

Parents will be told: ‘..The school is in a full lockdown situation. During this period the switchboard and entrances will be un-manned, external doors locked and nobody allowed in or out…’

Depending on the type and severity of the incident, parents may be asked NOT to collect their children from school as it may put them and their child at risk.
Pupils will not be released to parents during a lock down.
Parents will be asked not to call school as this may tie up emergency lines.
If the end of the day is extended due to the lock down, parents will be notified and will receive information about the time and place pupils can be picked up from office staff or emergency services.
A letter to parents will be sent home on the nearest possible day following any serious incident to inform parents of context of lockdown and to encourage parents to reinforce with their children the importance of following procedures in these very rare circumstances.

If a Lock Down is in place when a school trip is out of the building, a member of staff on the trip will be contacted via school to instruct them not to come back until a phone call to say that it is safe to do so or further instruction.

Lock down drills

Lock down practices will take place at least twice a year, at varying times, to ensure everyone knows exactly what to do in such a situation. Monitoring of practices will take place and staff debriefed for positive reinforcement or to identify required improvements.

The school is not responsible for children before 8.55am. It is the parent’s responsibility to keep their child safe before this time.
As of #######, school will open at ####am for Breakfast club. It will be the responsibility of whoever runs it, to alert and follow the procedure for a lock down if needed.

If a ‘lock down’ is activated while there is an assembly ongoing, to which parents are in school, they must remain in the hall while the children go back to class. This is to remain until further instruction is given.


This policy and procedures will be reviewed annually as a part of the School’s Health and Safety procedures.

Nominated person Responsibility
Business manager & Head teacher Initial contact with emergency services
Office staff, Business Manager and Head Teacher Liaison with parents
Teachers Pupil control and locking of own classroom
Site staff Lock and secure the building

Signal for lock down Short sharp continuous whistle blows
Signal for all clear X3 5 second bursts of school bell

Step Initial response Check Signed

  1. Ensure all pupils and staff are indoors
  2. Secure all entrance points
  3. Ensure staff take action to increase protection from further danger:
  • Block access points
  • Sit on the floor, against the wall or under tables in necessary.
  • Keep out of sight and draw the blinds.
  • Put mobile phones on silent.
  • Turn off computers and smart screens
  • Stay away from windows and doors.
  1. Dial 999 for each service needed.(office staff only)
  2. Check for missing or injured pupils and staff if safe to do so
  3. Remain in the classroom until further instruction, the all clear signal has been given or told to evacuate by emergency services.

Specified assembly points Classrooms and school hall
Entrance points Main school entrance
Communication arrangements Telephone system
Mobile phones

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