Condition Data Collection(CDC) programme

From early 2017 to Autumn 2019, the ESFA’s Condition Data Collection (CDC) programme will visit every government maintained school in England to collect data about the physical condition of school buildings and how they are managed.

The CDC is a data collection programme; it is not a full condition survey of the type often commissioned locally by responsible bodies. The ESFA will collect data on all government maintained schools in England. We recognise that schools and their responsible bodies commission asset management surveys which may appear similar in scope. The CDC is designed to achieve the particular objectives detailed below and be consistent across the school estate.  

The CDC follows the Property Data Survey (PDS) undertaken between 2012 and 2014. Lessons learned from the PDS have informed the development of the CDC. 

We are keeping schools, their responsible bodies and related professional bodies informed as the programme progresses.

We are also inviting them to provide feedback to help us improve further.


The programme is designed to enable a fair distribution of capital maintenance funding. Its use to the department is as follows:

  • enabling capital allocation which is informed by school condition
  • identifying school blocks in need of replacement
  • supporting the development of capital allocations policy
  • providing evidence to justify capital bids to treasury

Responsible bodies (and, ultimately, their schools) will benefit from capital allocations. This is based on a consistent assessment across key elements of need. The department will use the data to target aggregated funding allocations, but it will not be suitable for individual school level decisions without additional information.

We are working with 6 external organisations to deliver the programme, as listed below:

  • Arcadis – Technical Services Manager
  • Aecom - Surveying Organisation
  • Capita - Surveying Organisation
  • Faithful + Gould – Surveying Organisation
  • Rider Levett Bucknall – Surveying Organisation
  • KyKloud – IT Supplier

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Asbestos Management Assurance Process (AMAP)

The AMAP meets the department’s commitments set out in the March 2015 review of Asbestos Management in Schools, enhancing scrutiny on those responsible for managing asbestos in schools.

You are expected to complete the AMAP if you are a Responsible Body.

  • Responsible Body: the main employer of staff at State-Funded Schools and Academies.
  • State-Funded Schools and Academies : maintained nursery schools, maintained schools (including primary, secondary and middle schools), maintained special schools and academy special schools, pupil referral units, academies and free schools and non-maintained special schools.

This guidance is for anyone who is responsible for the management of asbestos in the education estate and compliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

PLEASE NOTE: All declarations should have been completed by 12:00 midday 31 May 2018

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