Introducing young people to the world of work can help them understand the work environment, choose future careers or prepare for employment. We need young people to be offered opportunities to develop new skills and gain experience across the world of work. When employing a young person under the age of 18, whether for work, work experience, or as an apprentice, employers have the same responsibilities for their health, safety and welfare as they do for other employees. The HSE offer guidance on their website HERE

Many site staff/Caretakers are required to take on Work Experience students. Here is a check list we recommend you complete for each student. Download the Work Experience check list in PDF format


Work Experience – Check List




Does the employer hold:

Employers Liability insurance and Public Liability insurance.


Where the student will be a vehicle passenger, does the employer hold current business vehicle insurance? Certificate viewed?



Does the employer have adequate systems in place for the prevention of under-18s under prohibited equipment and/or chemicals?



Do they have a H&S policy in place?


Is there an identified person responsible for managing H&S?


Risk Assessment

Has the employer carried out full risk assessment to consider the risk to the young person?


Has the employed adequately controlled any significant risks identified?


First Aid

Is there a qualified first aider or appointed person?


Is First Aid equipment provided and records kept of treatment?


Accident Procedures

Is there an Accident Book available?


Is the employer aware of accident reporting procedures under RIDDOR?


Manual Handling


Is the young person expected to lift items?


If yes, is there appropriate equipment provided?


Is manual Handling training provided?



Is the workplace suitable and have adequate welfare facilities


Adequate heating


Adequate lighting


Suitable and clean toilets


Suitable eating


Drinking water available


First Aid facilities


Hours of work hours of work agreed and suitable?



Does the workplace have suitable means of raising the alarm in the event of a fire?


Are the adequate escape routes?



Is protective personal equipment required?


If yes, who is responsible for supplying PPE?



Have you disclosed any information to the employers that may be required to keep the young person safe? (e.g. medical conditions / allergies etc)



Is the young person aware of how to report any concerns that arise during the placement?


Usual safeguarding policy and procedures apply (Child Protection Procedures and Working Together)


Is the employer aware of the procedure if the young person makes an allegation or other disclosure in the workplace?


Is the lead person (as you can ascertain) in the placement a ‘suitable person’ and aware of appropriate boundaries?


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