From 1st January 2018 (Implementable from January 2019) the ladder standard has changed. Class 1,  2 and 3 ladders are no longer suitable.

EN131 Professional 

This classification should be used for both industrial and trade use. This includes the use of ladders in schools.

The EN131 professional standards are replacing the old class 1 but only for portable ladders. The maximum capacity is 150kg which is the same as the non-professional classification, however, the professional standard ladders have been tested 5 times more than a non-professional ladder. 

EN131 Non-Professional

The EN131 non-professional standards will cover ladders for domestic use only. This classification is able to hold a 150kg load but unlike the professional standards, it has not been rigorously tested. 

Trading Standards and the HSE will expect ladders to comply with the new standard.

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