Welcome to The Caretakers' Website. The No.1 resource for School Caretakers, providing a variety of services for Site Staff & Caretakers throughout the UK. We are home to a unique online community of Caretakers. Through our friendly forums, Caretakers can get advice, share information, swap tips and keep in contact with other Caretakers. We are a non-profit making website run by a dedicated team of volunteer Caretakers who all offer their time free of charge in the pursuit of helping others and improving standards in our profession. There has been a lot of bad press about caretakers over recent years and through our website and community, we would like to think we can change the public perception of caretakers, just a little.

Caretakers really do "CARE". They care about their school environment and they care about the pupils, staff and visitors in their schools. The nature of the work means that caretakers often put the care of others before themselves. So, we also offer Health and Safety and other advice to make their job safer.

Caretakers are often taken for granted by other staff, their work often goes un-noticed (until the caretaker forgets to do something) and the pay rarely reflects the awesome responsibility they have. We are here to support caretakers in every way possible and to help raise their self-esteem.

We are not here just for School Caretakers! Although our primary aim is to provide support and information to Caretakers, an increasing number of other School Support Staff find the information we provide on our pages useful too.

We welcome lunchtime supervisors, admin staff, bursars, special needs providers, welfare staff, school nurses, crossing patrol (Lollipops), classroom assistants, support technicians, cleaners and many others. We like to help support the support staff too.

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Latest Caretaking Job Vacancies - Our resident Jobs Editor Inspector will be bringing you all the latest job vacancies from around the UK. If your looking for a Caretaker or Site Manager position, you have come to the right place. We are your one stop shop for caretaking jobs.

Guides for Caretakers - You will find a wide range of guides written by real school caretakers. The guides cover many aspects of our work and are written in a language you can understand. Written by School Caretakers, for School Caretakers.

Caretakers'; Forum - Exchange ideas, swap tips and keep in contact with other caretakers. By registering with us, you will gain access to a host of helpful site features. Membership is completely free.

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