JOB VACANCIES: Post your Caretaker and Site Manager vacancy for FREE. We have set up a section on our forums to enable employers and organisations to post their own job vacancies. If you have a job vacancy and would like to post it in our forum, you will need to register for the forum and post your vacancy in the Job Vacancy Forum.

As we are a UK based website, we ask that only employers based in the UK or dependencies post vacancies. Job/Recruitment agencies are also welcome to post individual UK based Caretaker and Site Manager jobs as long as applicants can apply for positions free of charge.

Your job vacancy will be added to a queue waiting for approval from one of our moderators. Please allow up to 24 hours for your first job advert to show.

You may attach any documents such as job descriptions, application forms etc to your post. Ensure you have the necessary permission to post the job vacancy from your employer.

Our previous job vacancy section proved very successful with many schools and organisations getting an excellent response. By posting your vacancy on our forum, you will be hitting your target audience, Caretakers'.

Please add the closing date in the title of your job vacancy. When the closing date of your vacancy has expired, the position will be deleted from the forum automatically. Guidelines are posted at the top of the jobs forum.

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