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Parents have signed a petition in support of a caretaker who is facing eviction from a school-keeper’s house. Ed Lopes has been living with his wife and two children in the three-bedroom house for 10 years while working as “premises manager” at Richard Cobden School in Camden Town. His children go to the primary school in Camden Street but the school’s headteacher says she has been forced to make him and “several other staff” redundant due to “government cuts”. Mr Lopes is expecting the bailiffs to arrive after the...

council won an eviction order and gave him one month to leave the property. Speaking outside the school gates, the 40-year-old said: “I don’t have anywhere to go, or a job. For the last 10 years, everyone knows me around here. I just want to try to at least get a council flat. I don’t want to be homeless, and I have two kids to take care of and myself as well.”

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