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Argus Filch might be the grumpy old Hogwarts caretaker but he is truly is an amazing man. His lovable and loyal cat, Mrs Norris, compliments him just perfectly and being a Squib just makes him even more extraordinary. Imagine it, being a squib must be hard in the Wizarding world. To be born to magical parents but have no magical powers yourself would have been a lonely experience. In contrast to Muggle-born witches and wizards who would have most likely been praised and held in high regard...

to their parents. A Squib would have probably been shunned.

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OK, a total delve into fantasy and not a news story as such, but I thought it might be interesting to explore the character of Argus Filch and the world of Harry Potter. The YouTube video has some interesting fact that I was unaware about this famous caretaker.

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