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A popular School Caretaker and gardener will be remembered in one of his favourite places. Bryan Raper used to work as the caretaker at Ox Close Primary School, in Spennymoor, and after his retirement stayed on as a gardener at neighbouring Oxclose Nursery. He was hugely popular with both pupils and staff so the school community was devastated when he died at the age of 72 earlier this month.  Last week the nursery and school each planted an apple tree as a tribute to Mr Raper and in the middle of them...

installed a memorial bench. School headteacher Daniel Harrison said: "He was so dear to people at the school, he was a great friend of mine, so his death was very sad. "Unfortunately for many school staff, a child might view you like a friend at seven or eight but by the time they are a teen they don't often want to know you. CLICK HERE to read the full article on the  echo news website.

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