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Regular visitors to The Caretakers' Website may have noticed some of the recent changes to the site. As the site has got busier, the workload has got greater for myself and our forum moderators and admin. We have taken the decision to discontinue running the Jobs Section. This was taking up a lot of time to keep updated. We apologise to the many schools that used this free service. We have also looked at how we can ensure the website and forums is sustainable financially in the future. We have decided to introduce...

a forum subscription. At just £1.25 per month (or £15.00 per year), we encourage all forum members to subscribe. All subscription monies will be used to pay the running costs of the website/forum and to ensure that The Caretakers' Website can continue to provide our unique services in the future.

We have reduced the number of items in our Gift Shop to just the most popular items.

We have also had a bit of a spring clean by removing older news stories, however, all our popular Guides remain accessible.

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