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Caretakers' Website forum member trout39843 has requested that all schools, housing blocks, churches, halls and other buildings and grounds celebrate a "Caretaker Appreciation Day" on the second Friday of September...

each year. In a letter for caretakers and the media he says, "We are the caretakers and site managersbWe take care of your schools, housing blocks, churches, halls and other buildings and grounds. It is many times a thankless job but we do it for the love of our buildings satisfaction we get. For us working in schools, the parents and staff come back from the breaks (especially the 6 week one) and hear the same old thing, “Did you have a nice break?” Well, who do you think made all the repairs, painted rooms and hallways, got the place clean and tidy and dealt with the contractors coming in?

We’re not complaining, just making an observation. We have decided that the second Friday in September should be dedicated as Caretaker Appreciation day. Just like everything from secretaries to Yorkshire pudding has a day, this should be ours. Just a day to say thanks for all you do as many times we go thankless behind the scenes.

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