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Support Company H


HazGrab is the all-in-one solution to cleaning up bodily spills, it protects the user, absorbs the mess, collects and disposes of unwanted spills, without the danger of cross contamination, or creating a slip hazard. Inside the box, which is used as a dustpan, is two hundred grams of natural absorbent powder, a pair of PVC powder free gloves, an apron, a pack of Dettol wipes, and a bio-hazard sealable bag. Open the box and lift up the flap on the base box to create the dustpan, then don the gloves and apron if necessary, apply the powder then allow it to soak up the mess, it is rapidly absorbed and turned from sludge to an easily removable and dryer powder in a matter of seconds, then use the other part of the box to sweep away the mess, clean with the wipes then repack the box and place all the contents into the sealable bag. A quick and easy solution leaving a much safer surface, reducing the possibility of slips, trips and falls.  The powder is 100% natural, and the wipes bleach free. HazGrab is perfect for any wet mess, particularly in an education setting.