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Support Company K

Keyholding Co. The

We provide security and essential services for Schools, residential and commercial properties based on access through safeguarding a copy of your property keys. We are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whether it is for an alarm response, lost key or for other unforseen circumstances.


Kingfisher Mirrors

Industrial safety mirrors are essential for improving visibility in a wide variety of commercial and domestic locations. From warehouses where all-round visibility is required to navigate safely between stock & heavy goods vehicles to alleviating blind spots on domestic driveway exits, industrial safety mirrors are a low cost and easy to maintain option. Our comprehensive range of internal and external safety and security mirrors also includes universal mirrors for fork lift truck cabs, observation mirrors for security monitoring in schools and sports areas. Order online or call us on 01777 237 477 to talk to our sales team based in Retford, UK.