Primary School paper products

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Primary School paper products

Hi Just recently started at a small village primary school and looking for recommendations for hand towels and toilet papers and there dispensers for best suited reception to year 6 kids. They have a mixture of standard core paper rolls and jumbo rolls (but kids struggle to get paper out and hand towels that are large green z fold that don't fit the dispensers properly and the older kids pull half a pack out at a time. Previous school used the bay west twin rolls and bay west micro hand towels. Any suggestions welcome. cheers

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Re: Primary School paper products

Hi Hamish, welcome to the board! Have you tried Scott performance hand towels? Have a look at the below link. In our school we have disposable towels on a drum. You pull the handle down and it depenses the right amount of towels, then cuts it! ... lsrc=aw.ds
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