Wotcha Everybody.

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Nov 2020 19 12:33

Re: Wotcha Everybody.

prep_room_boy wrote: Thu, 19th Nov 2020, 12:20pm Arrows to dispose of????

If shooting field then use up the spares left over from a dozen you used to have.

PRB. St. Giles Archers (Durham) and unofficial club fletcher. Also on t'committee and coach.
We have an indoor range so most of my arrow sets get down to 2 before they are no more (shoot in 3's indoor).

I feel I must confess as one of my bows (She's my favourite called Honey) has a bamboo back, which can offend the true woodist's out there.
i'm going to need a bigger bucket! -JawDropped.png-
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Nov 2020 19 12:41

Re: Wotcha Everybody.

Whaat?? You shoot a thing made out of grass????

To be honest it does make a fine backing. Main bow is a triple laminate (lemonwood, ash, maple), second is ash self bow.
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