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Re: long term sick

ash70 wrote: Fri, 10th Sep 2021, 1:45pm thanks everyone for your advice and support. i had a telephone call with oh in july thet set up a phased return and details of what could be done not been followed very well by them. im just doing what i can in fairness the business manager hasnt pushed me at all. got a meeting with the head later. asked to go to four days a week
I know youre not being pushed but that is probably because then they could be implicated if something were to happen.
However the fact that they are suggesting jobs which are clearly unsuitable for your stage of recovery means that you are stressing (even unconsciously) which for you is not good.. as has been pointed out sometimes caretakers need to be protected from themselves..

In your chat with the head suggest that they contact the OH therapist to educate themselves about your limitations.

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