How to show a Youtube video in your post

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How to show a Youtube video in your post

Dec 2017 07 08:31

Post by thecaretaker » Thu, 7th Dec 2017, 8:31am

Post by thecaretaker by thecaretaker Dec 2017 07 08:31

On YouTube, find the video you want to show.

Look at the URL (address) in the address bar

The YouTube code always looks like (with lots of numbers and letters after)

What you need are those letters and numbers. They are specific to the video you want to show. Just copy the letters and numbers after the V=

So, if the URL is:
You only need: LtLji6ucofE

Copy the code and paste it in the posting textbox and highlight it using your mouse

Capture2.JPG Then click the YouTube button which will wrap the forum bbcode either side like this.

You can press preview to check that your video is working correctly. If it isn't, check the code that you pasted is correct.

You now know how to embed a video into your forum post.

Unfortunately, it is not as simple as copying the entire URL as the YouTube code to embed a video into a page is different to that which is used to view a video on their site.
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