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Posted: Tue, 22nd Sep 2020, 9:06pm
by JonOfham
We've just had CCTV installed on site. All but one are external, with the internal camera pointing at the main entrance. Do we need to display signage to make people aware there is CCTV present?


Posted: Tue, 22nd Sep 2020, 9:30pm
by eggy
Yes you need signage.
CCTV policy. Also GDPR.
Who can access it forms.
We have it & I think a waste of time.
When I want it checked for things it is a no.
But SLT can check it for whatever reason they want.
I don't even bother anymore.


Posted: Wed, 23rd Sep 2020, 7:18am
by twiglets
You should have signage around the perimeter of the site- thus anyone entering the site can clearly know they are, including trespassers, potentially being monitored. We have a public path running adjacent to one of our fields- sign either end and one in the middle. Signs by all entrances and one at the main entrance.
We rarely need to use, thankfully, but it good if a child goes "missing" as we can see if they left the site and by which exit- always been a miscommunication from the parent. It is also useful it parents are a bit unsavoury as ours covers 360 around the site with particular attention to the entrances.