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Jan 2017 24 11:15

Post by Steve » Tue, 24th Jan 2017, 11:15am

Post by Steve by Steve Jan 2017 24 11:15

here's a good one been in the job 14 years tattoos and all ,I've now been told I cant show my tattoos of must be covered ,well I only wear tee shirts ,, what do you think

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Re: tattoos

Jan 2017 24 11:20

Post by Jubbs » Tue, 24th Jan 2017, 11:20am

Post by Jubbs by Jubbs Jan 2017 24 11:20

I bet a parent moaned about it at a P/T meeting.

As long as they are not offensive I don't see anything wrong with it, in fact, if it makes a kid ask about them and finds out its done with a needle it may discourage them in the first place.
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Re: tattoos

Jan 2017 24 11:28

Post by HappyLad » Tue, 24th Jan 2017, 11:28am

Post by HappyLad by HappyLad Jan 2017 24 11:28

I don't have any myself, but i'm not fussed either way. I guess LA's/HT/Govs change their opinions overtime, and after 14 years maybe there is a reason they want them covered up. If they're not in anyway offensive, and i guess they're not or you'd have been asked to cover up before, then maybe you need official guidance on where you stand with this new directive. Is it local or county wide?
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Re: tattoos

Jan 2017 24 12:00

Post by UnderPaid » Tue, 24th Jan 2017, 12:00pm

Post by UnderPaid by UnderPaid Jan 2017 24 12:00

Your school should have a dress code for employees, if so check it. If it does not mention tattoos then tell them you will cover them up if the dress code is amended. But make sure they know that it must involve ALL staff including the CO's with the little tattoo on their ankle or wrist then they might back down.
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Re: tattoos

Jan 2017 24 12:06

Post by jay » Tue, 24th Jan 2017, 12:06pm

Post by jay by jay Jan 2017 24 12:06

Our federation dress code is...
No visible tattoos.

Mine (3) are all on my upper arms so are covered by a polo shirt sleeves. :smiley:
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Re: tattoos

Jan 2017 24 12:08

Post by browncoat » Tue, 24th Jan 2017, 12:08pm

Post by browncoat by browncoat Jan 2017 24 12:08

No visible tattoos allowed here.

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Re: tattoos

Jan 2017 24 12:35

Post by EBJ » Tue, 24th Jan 2017, 12:35pm

Post by EBJ by EBJ Jan 2017 24 12:35

I know women with a lot more tattoos than men have and a few at my old school did. :hatoff:

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Re: tattoos

Jan 2017 24 12:43

Post by Harry » Tue, 24th Jan 2017, 12:43pm

Post by Harry by Harry Jan 2017 24 12:43

I think our dinner ladies have the most in our school, what a state they look. :icon_tongue:
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Re: tattoos

Jan 2017 24 13:08

Post by Dennis The menace » Tue, 24th Jan 2017, 1:08pm

Post by Dennis The menace by Dennis The menace Jan 2017 24 13:08

I don't have any but this happened a couple of years ago. A new Teacher was told he had to cover one up on his arm by the governors. He responded by saying then how his it the then head could have one showing on his neck. The head did have most of it covered but not all. We now have a new head and a new policy. No seeable tattoo's.
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Re: tattoos

Jan 2017 24 13:14

Post by Keyolder » Tue, 24th Jan 2017, 1:14pm

Post by Keyolder by Keyolder Jan 2017 24 13:14

No visible tattoo's allowed here...

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