Headteacher problems

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Re: Headteacher problems

Not just the HT but also the SLT they have brought in from their last school.

Union now involved and I've set a target of being out of here by Easter, one way or another.

I've even started digging a tunnel.

They are devious bu66er$ and it isn't worth spending a weekend crying about. -Cry.png- -Cry.png-

Keep you head down and find a way out.
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Re: Headteacher problems

This reminds me of my last 5 years at work over the 15 years of being here 12 was under the same headteacher.The old head was great understood pressures and problems of job but 3 years ago a popular member of the governor's fell out with her.There was then a hate campaign started and even some teaching staff turned against her the head took early retirement and walked away .We have had a male temp head who no 1 could talk to .He laster 3 months and now we have a temp female headteacher who is fair and does listen but is a massive workaholic and respect everyone else to be same.Now teachers have brought union in and are leaving in droves.so my advice is better the devil you know and I'm lucky that ar 59 I am ready to retire when I choose
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