This country has got to step up a notch

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This country has got to step up a notch

I got my car just before --- (The word only permitted in December) --- (after a 7 month wait). I asked to have a set of mats, boot liner and mudflaps front & back fitted. All fine but the front mudflaps were on back order. They said they would contact me when they came in.

The service centre (garage) called me last week to say they were in and said they would fit them on Thursday at 2pm.

I was a bit concerned that during Lockdown I would be travelling 17 miles out of my town to have them fitted, but garages are open and although I didn't consider it essential, I kept my appointment. I've been reading in the local press that the Police have been fining drivers who went out of the town to fill up with petrol. Indeed, I witnessed myself that the Police have been very active and seem to be stopping a lot of cars.

I arrived at the garage right on 2pm to find that the mudflaps had not come in. They will chase them up and hope to have them by Saturday or Monday at the latest.

I explained I wasn't too happy about travelling as I said I doubt the Police would consider fitting a set of mudflaps as essential travel. "Oh we have a lot of customers with things much more trivial than that coming here" was the reply. They offered to collect the car and return it, but would charge me £12.

Sorry, I'm ranting a bit. But why the hell did they call me to say the front mudflaps were in if they weren't.

This unfortunately is typical of things today. If we are going to make a success of Brexit we have got to improve the way we do business.

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Re: This country has got to step up a notch

3 years back the stick coils on my Yamaha were found to be rusted during a service and breaking down, bike sounded like a bag of spanners below 3,000 rpm!
Dealer ordered new ones and made an appointment to have them fitted, duly arrived at dealer after 50 mile journey never letting revs down below 3,000 as it would stall and potentially not start, to find the new stick coils hadn't arrived and they hadn`t bothered to phone me!
Shop manager apoligised and said you can`t go back home again on that here borrow a Triumph Tiger 1200, keep it for a week and come back next Saturday! Bear in mind it`s a demo bike and they want to get a sale but at £17,000 with all the toys they didn`t -Big grin.png-
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