25 years

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25 years

Feb 2017 13 18:22

Post by trout39843 » Mon, 13th Feb 2017, 6:22pm

Post by trout39843 by trout39843 Feb 2017 13 18:22

A lot has happened in 25 years......

"Wayne's World" the movie premiered, spinning off from a "Saturday Night Live" skit.

The first episode of "Barney & Friends" premiered in April of 1992. The 6-foot dinosaur taught children songs and how to get along.

Cartoon Network. The channel launched Oct. 1, 1992, with a lineup that ranged from "The Flintstones" to "The Jetsons," "Tom and Jerry" to "The Smurfs" and "Johnny Quest" to "The Adams Family."

"Super Mario Kart" for the Super Nintendo debuted in Australia and New Zealand. When the game didn't work, we blew into the cartridge, which actually may have brought long-term damage to the game.

The .jpg photo compression format was made available after a committee began planning its creation over a six-year period.

The first prescription nicotine patch went on sale in 1992. A UCLA scientist, Murray Jarvik, created it with another researcher after he published a paper in 1970 that said nicotine was the cause of addiction to cigarette smoking.

The Maastricht Treaty was signed Feb. 7, 1992 in the Netherlands, which led to the creation of a single currency for its members in 1999.

In a whites-only referendum, South Africa voted to end apartheid in 1992, leading to the presidency of Nelson Mandela.

Microsoft Windows version 3.1 came out in 1992, upgrading its 3.0 version released two years earlier. The new software provided an easier installation, addressed bugs and helped the company battle against Apple.

In 1992 the Church of England voted to allow women to become priests, and ordinations began two years later.
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Re: 25 years

Feb 2017 13 20:19

Post by EBJ » Mon, 13th Feb 2017, 8:19pm

Post by EBJ by EBJ Feb 2017 13 20:19

In my 70 years on this good earth our place of abode went from a two bedroom ground floor flat with a scullery and out door toilet and coal hole and a tin bath hung on the wall and gas lighting to a 3 bedroom council house with indoor bathroom and toilet and electric lighting.

Telephones were at the end of the road in a red box and a dial number was 3 letters and 4 digits, TV's were few and far and we sat on a mates wall and watched the only TV in the street through the front window (had no idea what was being said). The street had at the most one owned motor car and a couple of company lorries, our play ground was the railway embankment next to the gas works or the canal tow path.

Treats were when the winkle man came around on a Saturday night and the horse chestnut man and also sitting on the wall outside a pub with a glass of lemonade and an arrow root biscuit, we walked every where as we could not afford the trolley bus fare and we had pee supers (fog) you could not see your hand in front of your face.

We played out all day and only came home when the street lights came on, old sticks were guns and swords and where we played was our fort our castle and battle ground, we shied away from the police and called them sir as we did all adults, we had accumulated radios to listen to and when the battery in the accumulator ran out we had to take it up to the local bicycle shop for a charged one and we loved to listen to Dane Dare on a Sunday evening.

When we did get to buy sweets it was Jubilees, palm toffee, sweet cigarettes, spangles, wagon wheels (lot bigger then) and any chocolate bar we could buy. we took beer bottles back for money and rags to the bone man and made bikes from all old parts and trollies from a plank of wood and two pram axels and wheels, oh and I learner to swim in the canal not a swimming pool.

That's only a bit of my child hood and schools were even harder with the cane on the rear end or a slipper and no first names it was Mr, Mrs or Miss and when you was told do some thing you did it quick smart, how things have changed today. :hatoff:

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Re: 25 years

Feb 2017 14 01:00

Post by Drone » Tue, 14th Feb 2017, 1:00am

Post by Drone by Drone Feb 2017 14 01:00

Remember when smoking was cool? When we washed our clothes in a carcinogen loaded detergent called Omo? Remember when we used lethal paraffin heaters to warm our homes in the days before central heating? We used to "go to work on an egg". We drank Watneys Red Barrel. And we thought Bernard Manning was funny. Those were the days.

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Re: 25 years

Feb 2017 14 08:09

Post by Keyolder » Tue, 14th Feb 2017, 8:09am

Post by Keyolder by Keyolder Feb 2017 14 08:09

Ok, so now I feel really old as I remember all what EBJ and Drone have said above :icon_undecided: :smiley:
Indeed a lot has happened in the last 25 years though :hatoff:
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Re: 25 years

Feb 2017 14 08:13

Post by craigus » Tue, 14th Feb 2017, 8:13am

Post by craigus by craigus Feb 2017 14 08:13

25 years ago i had just started secondary school. :icon_wink:

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Re: 25 years

Feb 2017 14 14:38

Post by Jubbs » Tue, 14th Feb 2017, 2:38pm

Post by Jubbs by Jubbs Feb 2017 14 14:38

I hated the smell of the smoke encrusted condensation on the windows of buses on the top deck (no room downstairs) and the occasional times I forgot and pressed my face against the window to look out and .... eeyuck !

I hated bangers that would go off in the hand before you threw them in the river to watch them buzz along and then blow up. Still did it many times after. Or smother them in cowpats and run away or get pelted. Also hated those ruddy horse flies, nasty little things.

Hated last days of holidays....really hated them.

Hated the local butchers elder son, feelings mutual, always wanted to square up to him later on in life but moved out of area. Lucky for him too (well, thats how I imagine it sometimes, the fight outside the pub hehe)

Loved the Electronics revolution in the late 60's (12 years old) when anything was possible and innovation was rife.
Moog synths and drum machines, the machinations of gods! (Tonto's Expanding Headband)
UV lights and Discos.....what fun they were with white T shirts and fresh clean teeth.

Wouldn't change a thing.

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Re: 25 years

Feb 2017 14 16:55

Post by Eddy » Tue, 14th Feb 2017, 4:55pm

Post by Eddy by Eddy Feb 2017 14 16:55

25 years ago we were about to get married ( we did in July)
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Re: 25 years

Feb 2017 15 10:31

Post by Rockstar » Wed, 15th Feb 2017, 10:31am

Post by Rockstar by Rockstar Feb 2017 15 10:31

I got married 25 years ago. Brian Adams went to number 1 in the charts with Everything I do I do it for You on the day we wed. It stayed there for weeks and weeks.

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Re: 25 years

Feb 2017 17 09:11

Post by JohnE875 » Fri, 17th Feb 2017, 9:11am

Post by JohnE875 by JohnE875 Feb 2017 17 09:11

25 years ago next month I left the Army after doing a 22 year stint. Never thought I would stay in a job for that long again. Next April will be 22 years in caretaking.
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Re: 25 years

Feb 2017 17 10:50

Post by NGJOBS » Fri, 17th Feb 2017, 10:50am

Post by NGJOBS by NGJOBS Feb 2017 17 10:50

25 years ago (nearly) I got married.

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