BBC News article - Behaviour

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Apr 2024 02 12:06

Re: BBC News article - Behaviour

I think behaviour and attitudes of children in general is getting worse. I work in greater London (I have yet to find anything great) and the way parents talk to their kids is unreal. This then becomes the schools fault because my lovely little mercedes aint done noffin wrong, this school is p%% . The influx of high/complex special need children in a main stream school also impacts behaviour. My partner works in a special needs school and it's amazing, but it's totaly different in how its set up and staffed. Giving a main stream school an extra few quid for SEND pupils will not and cannot improve the life of that child. So inevitably the SEND children will have melt downs which then affects all the children around them.
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Re: BBC News article - Behaviour

Definitely noticed it last term. Way more vandalism than before in the secondary side. Same kids doing it (we have CCTV) ... but nothing is really being done to stop it by the clever ones!
We had a 'vandalism' code we could cross charge the school on for repairs/replacements - that was soon stopped when they saw the bills! [Angry.png]
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