JRiver Media Center 27 now available

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Sep 2020 14 23:28

JRiver Media Center 27 now available

I don't know how I would manage my media if it wasn't for this little gem. It is one of the few bits of software I am happy to pay for. Version 27 is only available from their forum currently and is available to early adopters only. Version 26 is still the current version.

Screenshot 2020-09-14 231801.png

JRiver Media Center is the most comprehensive and seamless software available for managing and playing your media.

JRiver Media Center is
  • More than a world class player.
  • A Media Network, a whole house music, movie, TV, and photo solution.
  • The leader in audiophile quality sound.
  • The fastest and most most powerful media database available; an essential management tool for large collections.
  • An endless source of satisfaction for tweakers and developers.
Media Center plays
  • More file formats than any other player.
  • Connected media from Last.fm, Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube. And it sends to Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • With more cell phones, MP3 players, DLNA and other devices than any other player.
  • And it powers the Home Theater PC that will entertain your family. MC can even play audio and video in different zones.

MC can record TV in high definition, providing an alternative to cable TV. It has a Theater View interface, controllable by a Media Center Remote, an iPad, iPhone, Android, a Windows netbook or Touchscreen. MC is a DirectShow player, so it can play almost anything. DirectShow setup is automatic with JRiver's Red October.
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