An Ad blocker for Microsoft Edge browser

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An Ad blocker for Microsoft Edge browser

Feb 2018 12 19:23

Post by thecaretaker » Mon, 12th Feb 2018, 7:23pm

Post by thecaretaker by thecaretaker Feb 2018 12 19:23

Just a quick heads up... I've used Microsoft Edge browser for a while now. It has got much better since its first appearance and I actually prefer it over Internet Explorer.

For those who use Microsoft Edge, I've discovered an absolutely fantastic ad blocker that works with Edge.

It completely strips all webpages of ads. It has a little icon at the top which tells you on each page how many ads it has prevented from showing.

Just look at how different these webpages look. What do you see when you click on the link compared to Microsoft Edge with Adbock installed?

9 ads removed

11 ads removed

16 ads removed

8 ads removed

It even stops all the ads showing on and in videos as well as between videos on YouTube

I know other browsers also have ad blockers, but it is only recently that Microsoft Edge has allowed extensions and Adblock makes surfing so much better. You can find Adblock to download from Microsoft here: ... blggh4rfhk

And it is free (Donationware)
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Re: An Ad blocker for Microsoft Edge browser

Feb 2018 13 12:55

Post by Keyolder » Tue, 13th Feb 2018, 12:55pm

Post by Keyolder by Keyolder Feb 2018 13 12:55

Wow it works great! 109 ads blocked on MSN News [Like.png]
Thanks for the heads up CT [Happy.png]
0 ads blocked on the Caretakers Forum [Happy.png]
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