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Tom 1964
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Oct 2021 13 09:05


Sorry in advance if this has already been asked.

Currently these are the things I check and record.

Means of escape, making sure corridors are clear and have working fire doors, all external doors are opening correctly, external play equipment and fence perimeters.

A set of fire call points that are rotated over a monthly period.

Legionella all sinks, not in one go but spread over the month.
Check water is reaching 50 degrees before the TMV.
The disabled toilet alarms.
Internal Fire Door operation.
Fire extinguishers.
Emergency lighting.
Emergency exit breakglasses.
Check internal doors for damage and operation.

I'm interested to know of anything I may be missing to add to my list.

Thanks people in advance.
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Oct 2021 13 09:24

Re: Checklists.


So your list is a good start but here are a few things we do in house on a daily, weekly, monthly etc... basis.

Daily: General H&S checks.
Weekly: Fire Alarms checks, Fire equipment checks, Flushing of any seldom used outlets, Playground play equipment checks, Water cooler checks, Litter pick around site and boarders.
Monthly: Emergency Lighting checks, Water checks (Legionella), Meter Readings (Gas & Electric).
Termly: Outdoor inspection of everything, School Safety Inspection Checklist, Arson inspection/ checklist, Ladder / step ladder inspection.
6 Monthly: Descale Instant Hot Water Unit and Kettles. (Shower heads if you have them).
Annually: Tool Register Audit, COSHH Audit / Substance Inventory, Risk assessments for Premises, Health & Safety, COSHH, Snow & Ice.

Hope this helps.
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Oct 2021 13 14:15

Re: Checklists.

Take a look in the Guides section, there are some very good checklists that have been shared.
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Oct 2021 15 07:41

Re: Checklists.

Here's my list of stuff.

Everyday once an hour:

H&S and Fire safety walk, making sure all exits are clear and paper away from sources of ignition e.g. photocopier.

Every day:

Check garden for dead animals, dangerous objects etc.
Clear all site of litter and leaves.

Every Monday:

Test fire alarms.
Inspect all outside play aparatus.
Inspect all railings and wooden fences, raised planters etc.
Quick visual inspection of every rooms non-fixed wires.
Quick inspection of all rooms work place storage solutions.
Inspect Elevator making sure operates on all floors.
Inspect Accessible callpoints on all levels.
Inspect the Panic alarm.
Inspect all indoor gym equipment.
Inspect the MUGA.
Inspect all exterior lighting.
Flush all outside union taps.
Check all drains are unblocked.
Ladders and step ladder inspection.


Inspect all sheds.
Trim bushes and tree's.
External company to do water temps.
Check operation of CCTV.
Inspection of Fire doors.
Inspection of Fire Hydrants and blankets.
Inspection of Boiler rooms.
Inspect and report to HT all buildings faults and maintenance program.

4 monthly:

Governors and Unions H&S inspection.


Whole site inventory.
Site team Risk assessments.
COSHH updating for cleaning chemicals and Site team chemicals.
Service Billygoat.
internal H&S auditing.

The staff here wonder why I don't get a lot of time to do maintenance when 95% of my job as Site Manager is paperwork.
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Nov 2021 02 16:29

Re: Checklists.

I also do a weekly street side perimeter check
looking at have someone could get in
plus the condition and usability of the padlocks on gates, to make sure they open as plan B for a school wide evacuation

found two unlocked, but looking, locked padlocks last time!!
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