Went to the dentist this morning

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Re: Went to the dentist this morning

I had a rather expensive trip just under a year ago.

The new dentist which is a private one said i had rather a lot of decay on the back of my 4 front teeth and to keep an eye on them. I then asked about joining Den Plan and filled in all the paperwork 6 months went by and after several calls etc nothing on the Den Plan.

I then had my 6 month check up and the dentist said i had to have 4 white fillings on the 4 front teeth £165 each because i was at risk of loosing them. I said i filled the paperwork in to join Den Plan and have not heard anything. The dentist said 2 option wait and maybe loose the teeth or go ahead with the fillings. As i did not want to loose the front teeth i said go ahead £660 later 4 fillings job done.

Then to my utter shock and disbelief the very next day on my door step was a welcome letter to Den Plan no joke . I was fuming [Angry.png] .

Now i pay £22 a month and that covers all my check ups fillings etc.
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Re: Went to the dentist this morning

think dentists are like puncture's you should never talk about them it will happen next week. I have been very lucky I singed up for our local student dentist 10 years ago they call me up every 6 month for a check up for free. they do any work that's needed 3rd or 4th year students sometimes the tutor will do it with them watching. couple of years ago I needed a big crown at the back she got a display out to show the options one of them been gold. gold relay, well we need to practice on them all so you can have gold needless to say I begrudgingly now have a big lump of gold for a back tooth. covid has put a stop to it I am just hoping it starts again soon. One of our teachers pays £25 a month to a private dentist that covers 90% or her treatment from what I understand so worth looking into.
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