Just sent this email to all staff...

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Feb 2019 09 08:08

Re: Just sent this email to all staff...

Perfectly weighed message I'd say but then I like to communicate in a similar vein.

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Re: Just sent this email to all staff...

Breezeblock wrote:
Wed, Jth Jul 2018, 2:16pm
My life for the next week:

Teacher (holding empty cardboard box): “What bin does this go in?”

Site Manager: “the bin that says “paper and cardboard” on the front, make sure you collapse it first so it doesn’t take up all the space”

Teacher: “No problem!”

Ten minutes later, Site Manager checks outside bins and removes cardboard box from general waste, collapses it, then puts it into paper and recycling bin.

Repeat ad infinitum
This is oh so familiar to me [Shock.png] [Scared.png]
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Feb 2019 09 18:22

Re: Just sent this email to all staff...

Omg i read this and was thinking this close to the exact same email i will be sending on monday, we have 22 recycle bins in the school, the schools parliament pupils bring these too the hall every Friday then I empty them in to the ORANGE 1100 ltr dry mixed recycling I empty the bags out so we can reuse them, im finding apple cores banana skins and half cups of water in them!!!! My email will be very close but i will add that our bin men will slap a contaminated sticker on bin and fine the school like they did in my last school, wtf is wrong with these nut cases 🤦🏻‍♂️

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