Brexit, the emotive issue

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If we had another referendum, would you change your vote ?

Poll ended at Thu, 13th Sep 2018, 9:42am

Haven't decided
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Re: Brexit, the emotive issue

The idea that 'the people' should get a vote on whatever deal is offered is also laughable. How many out there would be bothered and able to wade through thousands of words in legal speak? We trust ( well I don't) our politicians to get on with the job and look at the bodge they've made.

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Re: Brexit, the emotive issue

We've been told countless of times "We know more about Brexit and its consequences so we deserve another vote"

But surely we know more about "both" sides of the situation and about the good and bad sides of being in an economic union, which to be fair is what we have right now, all this talk about being in a European Union is rubbish, every member state has an monetary unit (the Euro) which has different values and each country's economy is rife with comparable imbalances.

It would be a win/win vote for remainers as its would either stay Brexit with the status quo intact (nothing changes) or it becomes Br'u'turn and they're all happy. Personally I would like to see May go and Rees-Mogg in, that would ruffle some feathers and god knows we need someone in power to start kicking butts.
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