Useful WiFi tool for home

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Useful WiFi tool for home

Sep 2018 14 13:14

Post by thecaretaker » Fri, 14th Sep 2018, 1:14pm

Post by thecaretaker by thecaretaker Sep 2018 14 13:14

I installed this little program on my wife's laptop as she was having problems connecting to the printer. I have purchase a wifi extender to ensure she gets the best signal out the back of the house.

The program shows you all the networks around you, what channels they are on and how strong their signal is. If you suffer any interference from neighbouring wifi signals this can slow you down and even make it difficult to connect.

You can then configure your router to use the channel that nobody else in the area is using.

I also realised that everybody in my area is using the 2.4gHz band. So far, I have never seen anybody else on the 5gHz band apart from me.

I have a tri-band wireless router and have 1 x 2.4gHz signal now on an unused channel and 2 on the 5gHz band. I also have the extender with 1 x 2.4gHz and 1 x 5gHz signal giving me the option of 5 wifi connections in the house.

The screen shots were taken this afternoon with only a few networks showing. Trust me, I can see up to 24 other networks during the evenings. I expect you will spot the Gerry Anderson theme going on here [Big grin.png]

1.jpg 2.gif 3.gif
This handy little program can be downloaded from MajorGeeks here:

EDIT: Replaced photos with screenshots.
EDIT: Changed screenshots into animated gifs
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Re: Useful WiFi tool for home

Sep 2018 14 21:19

Post by Dragonrider » Fri, 14th Sep 2018, 9:19pm

Post by Dragonrider by Dragonrider Sep 2018 14 21:19

So timely CT! Thanks.

I had just spotted this post and downloaded the program when a neighbour popped round with an issue on his laptop. Ran this program and found the signal strengths for the networks around us and with (more than) a little help from Google and Microsoft tech forums we figured out how to reboot his laptop's internet settings and re-enable his ipv4 drivers.
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