Epsom 2 x Maintenance staff vacancies (Closing Date: 14 December 2018)

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Epsom 2 x Maintenance staff vacancies (Closing Date: 14 December 2018)

Nov 2018 25 11:09

Post by CoatedEmu » Sun, 25th Nov 2018, 11:09am

Post by CoatedEmu by CoatedEmu Nov 2018 25 11:09

Hi All
Blenheim High School have 2 vacancies for maintenance staff we are building a new team with new equipment from tools to tractors a and whole new working system being implemented, this would be perfect if you are wanting to make a 1500 capacity school your own, 9 acres of field and that does not include the school or front area, future builds would be a warehouse including new work shop and office area just for us :)
Hours: 40
Working 5 days out of 7 this will include weekend working normally every 3 week
shift work: 06:30-14:30 and 14:00-22:00, you will also need to be flexible with hours to suit the team as we often change shifts to help each other out for appointments and possibly all come in if snow needs clearing or an event is on, so hours are flexible.
Pay: between £21800 and £24.900

Normal duties include assembly chair set up, maintenance around the building from small plumbing to wood work, painting, shelving, gardening etc etc, we try to do everything in house unless it requires gas safe or electrician etc.

To be part of the team we are after staff with all round knowledge and are happy to help each other out when needed and learn from each other this is a physical job so you must be physically fit. Please PM me if you are interested or have any questions.
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