Secondary school

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Secondary school

Dec 2018 07 15:23

Post by jcc90 » Fri, 7th Dec 2018, 3:23pm

Post by jcc90 by jcc90 Dec 2018 07 15:23

Hi everyone,

just a quick question about working in a secondary school compared to a primary.

whats the major differences,
do you enjoy it more or less.

A job has come up at a high school just want to know peoples opinions ?


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Re: Secondary school

Dec 2018 07 16:11

Post by Eddy » Fri, 7th Dec 2018, 4:11pm

Post by Eddy by Eddy Dec 2018 07 16:11

I am not saying this applies to all schools, or indeed just high schools, but....

High schools are Bigger
The kids are more arrogant, insolent and generally less fun to be around
Teachers form Cliques, usually departmental
The vandalism, in my experience, is usually much more prevalent
The litter is horrendous

having said that...There is never a dull moment. The workload is relentless and as such there is little time to get bored.
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