children drop off traffic problem

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Re: children drop off traffic problem

I was a crossing patroller in a former school for some years and the amount of idiotic behaviour I saw was astounding. The school tried everything to try and get the parents to drop their kids off more sensibly but nothing ever really worked, it was in the local paper the other day that a girl was run over and the school was desperate to recruit a crossing patroller, having not managed to fill the vacancy in the four years since I resigned. I am guessing not much has changed.

I sometimes went to start my shift and found cars parked on the actual crossing. One parent ran his own child down as she had got out and not shut the car door properly, he sped off and hit her with the door as he passed. It wasn't even just the drivers, I once pulled a toddler out of the way of an oncoming car, his mother being so engrossed in her mobile phone conversation that she had left her child a couple of hundred metres behind. The council occasionally sent down traffic wardens, but they were usually more of a hindrance than a help, one suggested the crossing be moved to another section of the road (where nobody wanted to cross), another told me I should only cross a handful of people at a time and then not stop the traffic for another 5-10 minutes to ease congestion. I had 800 people to get over the road in 30 minutes, few of them patient enough to wait anywhere near that long! Many parents stopped without my signalling anyway as they wanted to use the crossing as an excuse to drop their children off their so I frequently released the traffic, went back to the side of the road only for the next driver to just pull up and let their kids out.

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