Online Training for Caretakers from Shout Out Safety

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Dec 2020 01 21:50

Online Training for Caretakers from Shout Out Safety

The Caretakers' Website has teamed up with Shout Out Safety to offer our members top quality training with a discount of 20%.

Online training includes: Fire Safety Awareness, Asbestos Awareness Training (and refresher), Manual Handling, Display Screen Equipment Training (DSE), Working at Height, COSHH Awareness and Food Safety.

You'll find a SMT brief to give to your managers, the redemption code to get your 20% discount and the links to log-in to your training in the navbar at the top of the forum. ShoutOut Safety are CPD accredited and you will get a certificate to confirm your training when you complete the module.

At Shout Out Safety we believe that Health and Safety compliance training is far too important to be boring. We live in an HD age you shouldn't have to be trained by some dreary procession of cheaply produced online text and random images of dubious relevance. If you've ever taken an online course and found yourself dropping off in front of the screen then you'll know the problem. So we're challenging the status quo by producing broadcast-quality, video-based learning courses. Each of them is prepared by highly experienced subject experts and we've designed them to be effective, engaging and memorable. And, dare we say it, entertaining too. We have decades of experience in broadcast television, educational publishing and Health and Safety training and our message is very simple: if you are presented with great content, then you'll be more engaged with it and you'll remember more. Health and Safety training is important, so learn like you mean it.

Click on the Coupon Code link in the navigation bar to view the code you need to get your 20% discount.
Redeem your discount and then log-in to your training.

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