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Re: Toilet unblocking tips and reccomendations

Posted: 17th, November 2023 at 8:34am
Richard M wrote: 17th, November 2023 at 8:14am If all else fails then the ultimate clearance is one of the pressurised aerosol cans with a larger head on it.
Absolutely amazing pressure which forces almost any blockage straight through. You push the large soft plunger bit into the bog and then (stand clear) and push the can down. Results are amazing. ... 5jAhAAAAAA
Not seen these before, look absolutely nuts [Big grin.png]

I have one of the pump gun plungers now, mainly for stubborn EYFS sandy traps that I can't be bothered pulling a mountain of stuff out to get to but it has the larger toilet head.. Sad but I want to blast some poo hahaha

Re: Toilet unblocking tips and reccomendations

Posted: 20th, November 2023 at 2:53pm
by MWCracker
EBJ wrote: 21st, February 2023 at 11:56am A black plastic dustbin bag up the arm and go down into the pan like going up a cows rear end like the vets do, and a bucket of hot water stand well back and throw the contents into the pan and run away as quick as you can before it cascades back up at you. [Success.png]

I do this with boiling water and it clears everytime 1st time. It softens the sloop. [Big grin.png]